Performing a facility water audit is the first step we take in designing your custom water conservation plan.

We identify all of your present water uses (plumbing fixtures, cooling and steam equipment, employee practices, etc.) and losses (leaks, waste, inefficient equipment and fixtures etc.).

We compile all available data regarding water use in your facility. We examine water and sewer costs going back several years. We study building plans then verify manually any changes to those plans. We talk to management and staff in order to understand and address specific issues, concerns and ideas that they have.

We calculate the number and gender of employees, visitors, clients or patients on a daily , weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We determine seasonal fluctuations as well as holidays and maintenance or shutdown days.

We often install water meters and population counters which we read daily, weekly and,or, monthly where necessary to determine water use and to verify numbers.

Based on material gathered during the audit of your facility we devise a comprehensive plan to address your facilities unique situation. We factor in the costs associated with retrofitting and implementation of upgrades. We make recommendations based on extensive testing and research of fixtures, equipment, innovative solutions and repairs. We calculate your present water use costs to identify the most effective and affordable methods of implementing an efficient water conservation program with the shortest possible payback period.

Finally we gather a team of hard working professional trades people to implement repairs and upgrades to dated inefficient equipment. Water efficiency programs pay for themselves very quickly through the savings that they provide.You positively impact yourself, your business and most importantly the future by being proactive about water conservation now.

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